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Preparation for next weekend

Well is the second birthday of the Colony Records, night at Ginglik in Shepherds bush, London.
We have a residency with them and do visuals on a monthly basis.

I have been asked to create some new visuals especially for the night so this weekend I will be busy editing, recording, cutting , pasting, masking and rendering etc etc.

Also I am trying to sell my flat so would be buyers are having to view my tech strewn apartment probably thinking I am a girl bot geek from 2020 or something ……which is actually true.

I will try to post up some Jpegs of the things I create later on, in the mean time I had better tidy the flat up a bit as my first viewing is at 3.30.

see yah later

please can someone comment otherwise I will feel very very lonesome on here.



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