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Biddly bee

Well it seems I didnt keep my promise of posting my blog on a regular basis….but hey there is more to life than writing about it on the internet…hehe

So far this year I have managed to nearly lose my sight, I got a detatched retina…aaarrrghhhh!!
split up with my vj partner 😦
Become a damn fine sales woman for footage users in the new media sector and…..errr…well i got an afro now!!

Lots of good things coming up in the pipeline including another gig for ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ in Trafalgar Square on 29th of April and a new collaboration with a recording artist….watch this space!!!

I got a few mixes online here they are all about 4 yrs old and just cut-up styleeee…I’ll be posting some new mixes soon.

In the mean time I am currently digging ooshi, la chappelle and renewing a love of Jazz music

Not digging..relentless, soulless, machine made d&b, TV, and the winter.

later peeps



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