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4Hero Album launch Party

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Having met Decoy from 4Hero at the Big Chill Winter festival, I was asked to provide visuals for their album launch party at the Big Chill House.

Of course I said YES!! The BCH is my fave venue for vjing as its been designed so that the visuals are an integral part of the entertainment, with a vj booth complete with V4’s an MX12, matrix switcher, preview tfts etc etc.

I have also been a big fan of the 4hero DnB flavor since the early/mid 90’s so it was great to work with some of my musical hero’s.

As the night was running till 4am I brought a complete set up of 2 laptops, 2 dvd players, mini dv cam and also my own V4 video mixer (just to be on the safe side 😉  )

The night went really smoothly, there is always a tendency to rely on your kit when doing a long gig but I still managed to lick the pixels into a visual frenzy with my mixing skills for most of the night.

However I did find myself dancing on the dance floor from about 2.30 am onwards…I have no idea how I got there when I was meant to be vjing….

I blame the dj!!


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