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As some of you know I am working on a new live cinema show called ‘Hortus’ which means ‘pleasure garden’ in latin and the theme of the show is mans relationship with plants in the urban environment. It will look at the interface of nature and manmade structures, our perception of these magical spaces and their impact on our psyche.

It will also explore the geometry of nature, looking at hyperbolic geometry,  phyllotaxis, the Fibonacci series and other documented forms found in nature.

Lastly it will introduce the induction of trance states, the nature of space time and gravitation as well as rhythms in nature.

I’ve spent a year filming material, and still have more filming to do, but am currently processing, compiling and creating effects with the footage.

Hopefully a short show will be ready for January 2012 although I’d like to capture more footage in the spring to add to the show.

Check here for updates on Hortus as well as screening information on my other live cinema show ‘Isintu’


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