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VJ performances in Trafalgar Square, London

I’ve been looking back at some photos from VJing in Trafalgar Square, these were mainly gigs organised by Yeast and other VJ collectives. I think I performed there around 4 times, and had a short film screened there which made it into several national newspapers. 🙂  Oh how I miss my Vj days.. 😉 stop war rally trafalgar square love music hate racism vj silent eclipse


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Throwback Thursday – Omar Puente

Hi all! Long time no see, I haven’t been here for a while as I haven’t been making many new video type things in my spare time. However I have been doing a lot of photography and painting which you can see over at my main blog here

I stopped shooting stock footage for a while as I discovered that my camcorder the Canon HV40 had no image stabilisation whatsoever, even though the older model the HV20 did, this led to very shaky shots that I would spend hrs stabilising on my computer and which gave variable results. Tut tut Canon..

So I am planning on getting a new camcorder and possibly re-shooting some clips…
But in the meanwhile…

In 2010 I was commissioned by British jazz saxophonist Courtney Pine CBE to create an artist video for his band member, violinist Omar Puente.. here it is..

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