Hello – Its been a while

I haven’t been here for ages..  I’ve actually been thinking of how I will progress this blog as it started as a VJing blog and I no longer VJ, I still shoot a lot of footage and work with footage as my day job. Hopefully I will try to add more creative videos to this space as recently it seems to just be stock footage.

I’ve a few other online spaces that I update more regularly, in particular my main blog

www.phloem.co.uk which features more of my creative output,

www.archivefootagepicks.com which showcases just a few of my archive footage finds.

https://cymarin.wordpress.com is a fairly new blog on gaming 🙂

And I try to keep highlights of all my endeavours on my ‘official’ website


To kick things off here is an edit I made of remastered NASA footage cut to the Mass Effect theme tune.


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