I have over 10 years experience as an Archive Footage Researcher in the film and television industry, and have worked on films such as Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine and The Corporation.

I archived produced the series ‘On This Day In History’ which won the award for Best Re-Purposed Video Product at Cannes 2007

I began Vjing in 2001 working with a well known reggae promoter.
My first gig was for Morgan Heritage at the Astoria, Leicester Square and I’ve also played for Sugar Minot, Horace Andy and many others.

I featured in the BBC series ‘Blast’ showcasing VJing skills and live performance techniques.

In 2003 I created an anti-war short film using archive footage which was screened in Trafalgar Square and the ICA, it was also mentioned in a number of national newspapers.

Daily Mail ‘The day had started with the sight of a huge video plasma screen in Trafalgar Square displaying political images against a Whitehall backdrop. To the strains of Bob Marley’s ‘War’, the film showed defining moments and central figures from decades of conflict, highlighting troubles in Palestine, Afghanistan and Soweto among others. Even the Brixton riots got a mention. And it wasn’t even midday yet.’

I started a VJ collective in 2004 which specialised in visualising breakbeat events and became a successful business within 1 year.

In 2007 I VJ’d for TY (Ninjatune) on the main stage at the Big Chill and the visuals were mentioned in the national press the following day.

‘ TY had the best visuals on the stages screen: with famous figures attempting various dance moves.’ Big Chill Review, The Independent Newspaper

” I have never had such good visuals behind a performance.. you .. took me somewhere else with all that visual magic.. thank you .. people have really been blown away by that show.. i have you to thank for that..” TY, Ninjatune

‘The best sampling VJ I’ve seen for a while is Silent Eclipse, whose day job is a film / video researcher, which seems an ideal combination. She’s got an uncanny ability to find interesting and contextually salient clips, and a really sharp visual awareness.’, John Rixon, the Big Chill

I am currently developing my own audio visual shows.

I also tour with Mercury Music Prize winning jazz trombonist Dennis Rollins visualising his AV show ‘Griots to Garage’, on behalf of Yeast Productions, working closely with Nick Hillel.

My most recent collaboration was with Nick Luscombe (XFM, Apple, ICA, NME) visualising his monthly event ‘Flomotion Live’
and have also worked with leading audiovisual acts such as Coldcut, Yeast, Pirate TV and Raya.
‘brilliant to see jo getting some media praise for her (fantastic) work. i too highly rate jo as a vj – content mixed with joy and real humour. totally engaging.’, Simon Green, Raya

My most recent concerts have been for Apple UK,
TY – The Big Chill festival,
4Hero – album launch party (The Big Chill House)

I have also played for Bassline Circus. Drop Beats not Bombs, love Music Hate Racism, Supatronix, Alt Ctrl, Unsound, Colony Records and various other clubs and labels.

Artists I have worked with;:-

TY -The Big Chill Festival
4Hero – Album launch party
Asian Dub Foundation – Ramparty, East London
Travis, Alexandra Palace
The Stereo MC’s, Festival of Flight
Bugz in Attic – Big Chill Winter Festival
Dennis Rollins – Griots to Garage UK Tour
Morgan Heritage, Astoria, Leicester Square
Horace Andy – Ocean, Hackney
Sugar Minot – Brixton Academy – NYE 2004
The Dexorcist, – Plethora
Radioactiveman – Alt Cntrl, Brixton
The Freestylers, Future Funk Squad, Freq Nasty – Supatronix
Point B, The Abstrakt Nights, – Colony Records, Ginglik
The Lawgiverz, Apply the Breaks, Suns of Meecha, Ellis Dee, Breakfastax – Raindance, SEOne
Rodney P, MC D, Roll Deep, Love Music Hate Racism, Trafalgar Square
DJ Rubbish, Drop Beats not Bombs, Custard Factory, Birmingham


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