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Hello – Its been a while

I haven’t been here for ages..  I’ve actually been thinking of how I will progress this blog as it started as a VJing blog and I no longer VJ, I still shoot a lot of footage and work with footage as my day job. Hopefully I will try to add more creative videos to this space as recently it seems to just be stock footage.

I’ve a few other online spaces that I update more regularly, in particular my main blog which features more of my creative output, which showcases just a few of my archive footage finds. is a fairly new blog on gaming 🙂

And I try to keep highlights of all my endeavours on my ‘official’ website

To kick things off here is an edit I made of remastered NASA footage cut to the Mass Effect theme tune.


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Hortus Live Cinema and Installation

Hortus explores the relationship between natural and urban environments, it takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through the presence, form and processes of vegetal nature found throughout cities but often overlooked and ignored.

Urban Nature

urban nature - tree green chain walk londonurban nature - corrugated iron fence weed plants londonurban nature - tree green chain walk london

Part 1 – ‘Urban nature’ features a tree as a metaphysical central character binding the human psyche with the non human and was inspired by Malcolm Le Grice’s Berlin Horse.

Filmed at various London man made linear green spaces that finger their way through concrete and brick, including the Green Chain Walk in South East London, The disused railway line Parkland Walk in North London and the Lea Valley towpath walk in East London.

Abstract nature

Part 2 – ‘Abstract nature’ was inspired by the representation of nature in abstract form in the work of Karl Blossfeldt and Paul Prudence.

achillia yarrow nature Londonabstract nature - foxtail lilly Eremurus robustusabstract nature - rose london

Featuring plants found in and around London it invites the viewer to look deeper into the geometric forms and structures of nature.
An attempt is made to induce a hypnotic mental state through forced motion within the imagery and optical fixation.

Unseen light

Part 3 – ‘Unseen light’ was inspired by the plant processes and light harvesting structures involved in photosynthesis, I wanted to convey something of the unseen quality of this phenomenon, which starts with light in the visible spectrum hitting chloroplast reaction centres and starting a chain of protein folding reactions.

unseen light - wellington arch london infraredunseen light - royal st james' palace london infraredunseen light - crystal palace dinosaurs infrared

Light in the infrared spectrum is reflected and it was this light (invisible to the naked eye) which was captured to make the video, using specialist camera filters.

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The Paris Tribute

I returned from a trip to Paris to perform at the memorial tribute event for my dear friend Olivier Ruellet

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New collaboration with Nick Luscombe

I’ve started a new collaboration with the highly acclaimed DJ and music consultant Nick Luscombe.

I shall be providing visuals for his monthly  Flomotion live event at the Big Chill House as well as other events.

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Courtney Pine- Afropean’s

I had the pleasure of working with Yeast again on Saturday, we provided and mixed visuals at the Barbican Arts Centre for a Courtney Pine and Jazz Warriors concert called ‘Afropeans’.

It was great to see such talented musicians as Jason Yarde and Courtney taking the stage and working the crowd, I was trully humbled.

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TY – The Big Chill

I provided visuals for Ninjatune mercury music prize nominee Hip Hop artist TY at the Big Chill festival.

It was an amazing experience to work with such a talented artist as TY, providing visuals across 3 LED screens on the main festival stage.

I used a cameraman Boldi ( to integrate live camera footage with my footage clips and motion graphics using themes such as hip hop culture, politicians dancing and graphic rhythms.

The visuals were given a mention in the Independent Newspaper.

‘On Saturday afternoon Ty spent an hour and a half getting the crowd worked up about British hip-hop and his brilliant backing singers.

He had the best visuals on the stages screen: with famous figures attempting various dance moves.’

The gig was also screened on Channel Four Television.

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Dennis Rollins Tour – From Griots to Garage….

.. In October 2006 I was fortunate to be asked to cover a tour for the wonderful guys at

It was to take me across the UK with the jazz trombonist sound technicians Julian and Jason as well as camera woman Dani.

The tour was entitled ‘From Griots to Garage – A Musical history of the Black Diaspora’

Dennis had created a musical show which charted the history of African music from the griots, through to the Jazz era, and onwards through reggae, disco, funk, hip-hop and garage etc etc.

Carefully selected clips were used  to illustrate each genre of music and mixed live in time to the music.

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